Hank Pym, the pacifist hero


An Interesting Development


Jan smiled over at him. “You shouldn’t say that…. that’ll make me want to watch Dirty Dancing.” She said, chuckling. She pulled out her copy of ‘The Goonies’ and offered it to him. “Here. Let’s watch this one I guess. A bunch of kids going on a treasure hunt.” She smiled. “I always thought it’d be coll to have an adventure like they did.” And she’d gotten her wish. She’d had plenty of adventures in her career as an Avenger.

Hank couldn’t help but wince a bit.  ”No, please…”  He took the offered DVD and smiled.  ”Okay, that one is better.  I used to watch this all the time when I was a kid!”

He got up and put the disc in the player before going back to Jan on the couch.   He sat down and gently pulled Jan to him, then spread the blanket over them.  ”There you go.  All warm and cozy.”  He kissed her cheek and settled more comfortably, hoping he wouldn’t fall asleep in the middle of it, which would undoubtedly have happened if she had put on Dirty Dancing.  

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A.I.M. is resourceful.  Last attack was orchestrated by Monica Rappacini actually.  She booby-trapped some coded transmission that Mockingbird gave me to decode, and blew up the lab as a ‘warning’ for me to mind my own business.   It’s a chance I was alone in the lab at that time.  A few cuts and bruises, a strained shoulder…  nothing I’m not used to.  And we haven’t heard from them since.  Which I’m not sure is good news, actually.  

[sighs running a hand through his hair] Jesus, I never thought we would get this hard. I- is Bobbi okay? How’s the lab doing, are you doing better? Any leads for A.I.M? I’m sorry I’m asking a lot of questions Hank. I-I’m just concerned for the team and my friends. 

Bobbi is fine.  The lab has been rebuilt almost right away, and I’m fine.  [puts a comforting hand on Steve’s shoulder]  It’s alright Steve, you have every right to ask questions.  But this was months ago.  I hear there are more…  pressing matters these days.  S.H.I.E.L.D. infiltrated…  Fury gone…  I guess I was right in a way not to trust them completely…  [shakes his head]  It just doesn’t make any sense.  How could this have happened?

An Interesting Development


Jan smiled. “I’ll grab the blanket!” She said, walking over to the stairs and heading up them to the hall closet and pulling out a blanket. She made her way back down stairs, grabbed the bag as she did and made herself comfortable on the couch. he began digging through the bag to see which movie they should watch first.

Hank piled a few logs into the fire place while Jan went upstairs.  He knelt in front of the fire place, sitting on his heels while waiting for the fire to catch.  During that time, Jan had come back to the living room, and he turned to watch her digging through the bag.

"Too many choices?"  He laughed lightly, before turning his attention back to the fire.  It rapidly caught, making the logs crack as they burned slowly, and Hank got up to go sit next to Jan on the couch.  "Just pick whatever you prefer, honey.  I won’t mind.  As long as I can snuggle close, I’ll be happy."  

An Interesting Development


"Hmm~ Good point." She said, chuckling a bit. "Maybe we can just cuddle up in a blanket in front of the fire, on the couch and watch movies." She smiled up at him. "And yes… I think bed is a better place for sleeping than the floor.

She looked up when he heard a buzzing sound and giggled when she felt wings and antennae brush against her cheek. “Oh! Well hello to you too, Queenie!” She said, smiling as she watched Queenie fly over to Hank and give him the same greeting. 

Hank nodded and laughed lightly.  ”It seems a wiser choice, yes.  Although technically the couch also had…  ”  He shook his head.  ”Never mind.”

He smiled when he felt Queenie walk on his cheek happily.  ”It would seem that little Queenie missed us after all.”  He lifted his finger to his cheek and gently allowed the ant to crawl over it.  She flapped her wings around a bit and went flying over their heads to finally land on the window sill.

"I’ll start the fire."  It wasn’t really cold in the house, but a nice fire would chase the humidity away, not to mention setting up a romantic mood for the evening. 

An Interesting Development


Jan rolled her eyes. “You under estimate my ability to tune out boring things, or things I don’t like hearing.” She grinned up at him. She laughed when he began rambling.

"I’d like a fire… I’ll go grab the blankets and make another pallet down here… and then we can put in one of the movies I brought." She said, smiling up at him.

Hank chuckled.  ”I hope you never did this while I was talking to you.”  He knew that might just have been the case sometimes, when he used to start babbling about science theories full of unnecessarily too long words.

He frowned a bit, still keeping his smile.  ”Are you sure the pallet is a good idea?  I mean, don’t you remember what happened the last time we did this?”  He gave her a crooked smile and laughed lightly.  ”Alright, alright, but as long as you tell me we’ll be sleeping in our bed tonight.”  

Between Jan’s tossing and turning a few nights back, and his worries making sleep elude him the last two nights, he was just looking forward to a good night of sleep in a nice comfortable bed.

An Interesting Development


Jan smiled and nodded. “Oh, yes. You’re a lot smarter than Reed.” She said, grinning up at him. Well, in her opinion anyway. Her daddy was a very highly intelligent man and he had recruited Hank, not Reed, to help him with whatever transdimensional thingy he’d been working on. 

"I can’t wait to meet our little Ollie…" She said, letting her hand drift over his chest and to her stomach. "It’s certainly going to be interesting."

"Just don’t tell him that, he’d probably give you an hour-and-a-half lecture on why that’s not true!"  Hank chuckled.  "But thanks for the vote of confidence."

He put his hand over Jan’s on her stomach.  ”More than interesting.  I can’t wait either.”  He kissed her again tenderly and smiled down at her.  

"But let’s not just stand there…  do you need something to eat?  Or to drink, perhaps?  Or maybe you’d prefer to lie down a bit, or just sit down, or…"

He stopped himself and shook his head.  ”Okay, okay…  I’m fussing again… sorry.”  He chuckled.  ”I really have to stop doing this!”  He took a deep breath and smiled.  ”Would you like me to start a nice fire?”  That was better.  Something she’d simply enjoy and that didn’t imply he was over-protective of her.  

An Interesting Development


Jan kissed him back and smiled. “You have so much faith in me…” She giggled and hugged him, not a tight as she normally did, but she couldn’t help but nuzzle her head against his chest.

"I know that for a fact." She said, grinning. "You should have seen Suzie’s face when she first held Franklin… it was really sweet and adorable."

Hank hugged Jan back, careful not to squish her too much.  ”I’ve always had faith in you, sweetheart.”

He chuckled and just held her close for a moment.  Somehow, Jan seemed to be under the impression that she’ll get as big as a whale and won’t be able to do anything as the months pass by.  But Hank knew that if nothing ever stopped her before, it won’t be starting now that she’s pregnant.  He was actually looking forward to her showing signs of her pregnancy.  She’ll make a beautiful expecting mom, that was for sure.

He smiled again.  ”And sooner than we realize it’ll be our turn…”  He chuckled a bit.  ”… it’s exciting and scary at the same time.  But hey.  Anything Reed can do, I can do better, right?”  

He couldn’t help but laugh.  This friendly rivalry between Reed Richards and him had been going on for a long time.  Hank had a lot of respect for both Reed himself and his accomplishments, even if there were times he just wish he could wipe that over-confident smirk off his face.  With an inner nod, he had to admit Reed was probably thinking the same thing at times.  But the fact that Reed was asking him for advice from time to time meant that he also valued his opinion and competence.  Plus, they got along well, when they weren’t bickering over who the smartest one was.

An Interesting Development


Jan smiled. “I’d love that.” She turned and wrapped her arms around his neck. “It’ll get harder to get too far out the bigger I get, but I want to do that… and jut make sure the ants don’t try to steal our food.” She said, chuckling.

Picnic with her newly formed family… he liked that. She and her parents did that on the weekends when she was a kid. It was always fun. She could picture a little boy looking at the insects with Hank and asking all kinds of questions, which Hank would be more than happy to answer.

Hank wrapped his arms around Jan and entwined his fingers together in the small of her back.  ”Then we will, as soon as it’s dry enough and warm enough outside.  And of course, no ants will steal our food.”  He chuckled and shook his head.  ”You’re already in great shape, honey.  You’ll have no trouble moving around even when you’ll be very pregnant, I’m sure.”

He frowned, then smiled again.  ”Okay, maybe the last month will be a little harder, but still…  I’m sure you’ll make it through perfectly.”

He bent down to gently kiss her lips.  ”And you’ll forget about all that once you have our little one in your arms.”

An Interesting Development


Jan walked inside and smiled. Happy to be back and away from the city. She’d was a city girl a heart, but she couldn’t help but love the country. Clean air and lot of room to run around in. She looked at Hank grinned at his suggestion. “Yes! That’s perfect! I heard exercise is good for babies too.”

Plus, it’d be so romantic walking through the trees when they finally got their blossoms back.

Hank put the bag down and went behind Jan, putting his hands on her shoulders.  ”I knew you’d like that suggestion.  And yes, exercise is good for the baby, and for the mommy too.”  He bent down to kiss her cheek.  ”You remember that picnic we had at the end of last summer?  Maybe we can do that again, when it gets warmer of course.”

He suddenly had a very vivid image in his mind of Jan, sitting on a plaid blanket, in the sun, while a little light-haired toddler was running around laughing and chasing butterflies.   Strangely, he always used to imagine a little girl running around, a sort of a little mini-Jan, cute as pie.  But this little child flashing through his mind was a little boy.  He shook his head.  Probably didn’t mean anything anyway.

An Interesting Development


Jan giggled and got out of the car as he did and smiled when he put his arm around her. “Of course you’re allowed to. But know that I might not always listen.” She said, sticking her tongue out playfully as they made their way to the house.

Hank climbed up the stairs of the front porch and unlocked the door, motioning for Jan to go inside first.  ”Noted.  It would only be suggestions anyway.  I know you’re perfectly capable of taking care of yourself.”

He knew it would be hard at times not to show his disapproval at some things Jan would do, like eating junk food from time to time, or not getting enough sleep.  But he knew how much this pregnancy meant to her, and that she would never do anything to affect the baby’s growth or health.  

He got inside the house following Jan.  ”Here’s a thought.  Now that the snow has melted and the streets are cleared, maybe we could go out for a walk when you’ll feel better.”  Jan had been scolding him for years to get out more and not stay locked up in his lab all the time.  It would seem that the lesson had finally paid off.