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Blushes a bit from his strength. Though he straightens up his act, as Hank asks about his home. Shrugging Steve just scratches the back of his head. “I have my old apartment in Brooklyn so I”m good on that front. It goes both ways to Hank, if you need anything at all. Just let me know. Man I am so happy for you two. Congratulations again.”

This was really nice to hear.  Hank had been a bit afraid at the reaction his teammates could have about the news of Jan’s pregnancy, but he seemed to have worried for nothing.  At least with Steve.  He should have known that he would only be very happy for the both of them.  

He nodded.  ”Thank you, it means a lot to me.”  It really felt just good to have Steve back.  His mere presence seemed to have a positive effect on just about everything.  Hank slapped his shoulder.  ”It’s good to have you back, Cap.”

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An Interesting Development


Jan laughed at his comment. “A bob is a chin length hair cut. And a pixie hair cut is like… Emma Watson’s hair cut.” She explained. 

"Hmm… then I’ll probably get a bob. I mean… I did like my long hair… but it was so much work to keep it pretty." She smiled up at him. "Well, aren’t you sweet?" She kissed his cheek and grinned.

"Now that that’s settled… I guess we should get started on breakfast."

Hank mouthed a silent ‘O’ and smiled.  ”Chin length?  That would be pretty.”  He ran his fingers through her hair, and had to admit it was getting pretty long, and that it must be a pain at times to manage it.

He gave her a boyish grin.  ”I’m always sweet.”  He chuckled a bit and stood straighter.  ”You’re right!  Time for breakfast.  Let’s feed little Ollie…  and mommy too.”

He gently slapped her behind and chuckled again.  ”Do you want some eggs with the bacon?”

An Interesting Development


Jan chuckled . “Yes… I can’t wait until we get to the doctor to make sure things are okay.” She smiled when he kissed her forehead and laughed as his comment. “Very true… you walk around smelling like cherry blossoms and I think even Cap would make fun of you.” She nuzzled his chin lightly.

"I ask cause it’ll start getting warm pretty soon. And I was thinking of getting a bob cut. I don’t think I want another pixie cut but it would be really cool… and I was wondering if you could help me decide."

Hank laughed out loud at her comment.  ”Right…  I’d better not do that.  And remember not to use that soap if we ever take a shower together!”

He frowned a bit at Jan when she explained her choices.  He had no idea what she was talking about, apart from those being hairstyles.  ”Eh…  not sure I know what that is…  would it be short or long?”

Really, he thought she’d be beautiful no matter her haircut, but he had to admit he had never seen Jan with long hair before, and he kind of liked it.  But it was her hair, not his, and he’d feel bad telling her what to do.

"I have to say I like it a bit longer, but ultimately, you do what you want, honey.  And you’ll always be the most beautiful anyway."

An Interesting Development


Jan smiled and leaned back against him, resting her hands over his. “I am.And, you’ll be happy to know that the bleeding seems to have stopped for the most part.” She turned and pressed a kiss to his chin. “Ollie is doing good, minus being hungry I think.” She said, laughing.

She closed her eyes and rested her head against his shoulder. “Well… I did shower a little while ago. And used my favorite body wash…” She pushed her hair behind her ear and opened her eyes. “Oh… that reminds me… do you like me better with long, or short hair? Or something in between?”

Hank let out a sigh of relief.  ”It stopped?”  He couldn’t catch himself before realizing how relieved he actually sounded.  ”Well… I mean…  that’s always reassuring, right?”  He didn’t want Jan to think the bleeding was a big deal to begin with, but he also didn’t want to lie to her.  ”Okay, I’ll admit, it had me worried a bit….  but I know everything’s fine, and your doctor will only confirm this.”  

He pressed a kiss to her forehead and inhaled her perfume again.  ”I think this will become my favorite body wash too, then.”  He chuckled when he realized what he had just said.  ”For you, I mean, not for myself.  I don’t think I could pull off smelling like this!  Clint would never let me see the end of it!”

He was a bit taken aback by her question.  It wasn’t really like Jan to ask for permission, especially not for something about her appearance, and he felt like walking on eggshells.  ”Well…  I’m not sure…  I do like the longer, floating hair you have right now.  But shorter suits you well too.”  He hesitated a second.  ”But…  not too short… ”  He shook his head.  ”… but it’s your hair, honey…  you can do whatever you want, of course.”  He smiled at her.  ’Just don’t cut it too short…’  he thought to himself.

An Interesting Development


Jan laughed and walked over to the cabinet and pulled out the pans they’d need to cook their brunch. “It’s okay. It happens. She said, setting the pans up on the stove and smiling at him. “But you surprised me with dripping water on me!” She said, laughing.

She grinned over at him. “I have no problems warming you up. According to you, I do it really really well.”

Hank chuckled.  ”Yes, you’re very good at that.  And if I ever cooled you down by dripping wet rain over you, I promise you I’ll warm you up right back in a while…”

He went behind Jan and put his hands on her waist.  ”So yo seem fine today…  And how’s little Ollie doing?”

He smiled and bent down to press a kiss to her nape, and ended up lingering there for a moment.  ”Hm…  you smell really good, by the way…”  He wrapped his arms around her waist, laying his hands flat against her stomach, and just held her in a warm embrace.  It seemed like he too felt a bit clingy after all.

An Interesting Development


Jan gave him a disapproving look. “Hey… he just doesn’t really like change that much. And we’d be saying the we would get married for a long time. It was just that he’s rather awkward around girls and clung to me because he didn’t know how to talk to Angel.” She looked at him when he rubbed her arms and apologized.

"I forgive you." She said. He hadn’t said it in a mean tone and she knew he didn’t mean any harm, but Jan really did care for Stuy. They’d been friends since they were kids and while he could be a little annoying at times, what friend wasn’t?, he was still a good guy.

She chuckled a little and lifted her left hand to lace her fingers through his. “Yes, you are. And no one will change my mind about that.” She leaned up on her toes and kissed him lightly. “So… how about breakfast?”

It was a good thing that Jan was forgiving.  Hank really had to stop with the insecurities and the misplaced jealousy.  Stuy was probably a good man, but the fact that Jan had ‘used’ him as a means to get Hank jealous in the first place had left a bad impression on him.  He had to stop seeing him as the man who tried to steal his girlfriend, since poor Stuy didn’t even know about the nature of Jan’s relationship with Hank at the time.  Heck, he didn’t even know that Hank existed at all.

With the firm intent to get off Stuy’s back, Hank smiled at Jan as she entwined her fingers with his.  ”Yes, breakfast sounds nice.  I’m starving!”  He ran a hand through his damp hair and chuckled.  ”Sorry, by the way…  I took longer than I said I would, and on top of things, I got caught in the rain.  And let’s just say it wasn’t very warm rain, so I might need some warming up later on…”  Really, the simple thought of curling up with Jan in front of the fireplace was literally giving him shivers of anticipation.

An Interesting Development


Jan shut off her phone and got up. She walked over to the kitchen and smiled. “Yep. This one’s been a long time coming. Stuy has always had a thing for Angel, and Angel for him. But for the longest time Stuy was so hung up on me it got in the way… I guess seeing you with me at the charity ball finally got it through his head that I love you, and not him. Well, I do love him, but not the way I love you.” She said, chuckling a little.

"Anyway… Angel is a good friend of mine too. She was always more into science than make-up and fashion. She’s the friend I was telling you about that got picked on and the one I got kicked out of private school for. She’s such a sweetheart! And she went to the same public school I did when I got kicked out. It was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me at the time." She smiled at the memory. "Anyway~ You don’t have to worry about Stuy making silly goo-goo faces at me anymore." She said, walking to him nuzzling his chin.

Hank couldn’t hold back a snort.  ”Took him long enough to figure that one out…!”  He regretted right away saying this.  Sterling Stuyvesant wasn’t a bad man, Hank had just started on the wrong foot with him, and it wasn’t even exactly Stuy’s fault.  ”I mean…  after all these years…”  

He went to Jan and held her arms, gently rubbing them.  ”Forgive me, honey.  It was uncalled for.  Stuy is your friend, and I should be happy for him and your friend Angel.”  

He bent down to kiss her lightly.  ”And for the record, he could have made all the goo-goo faces at you, like you say, it wouldn’t have worried me.  Annoyed me, yes, but not worried.”  He let his hand glide to her left hand and brushed his fingers against her wedding band.  ”After all, I’m the lucky one married to you.”

An Interesting Development


Jan jumped and squeaked when she felt water drip on her, and looked over at him she nodded and chuckled a little. “No it’s okay. It started raining and apparently my husband got caught in it on his jog…”

"Oh! Speaking of husbands… guess what?"

"What?" Jan paused and listened to Crystal’s reply. "WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" 

Jan looked over at Hank wide-eyed, then turned back to her phone and put it on speaker. “Angel is showing off that ring he gave her! It’s gawdy as hell, in true Stuey fashion, but it’s so adorable to see her so happy!” Crystal’s voice came from phone. 

"It’s been a long time in coming, though. I’m glad he finally asked her, just wish he would have told me first… oh! Oh! He did tell me! That’s what he was babbling about at the charity ball! He was asking my permission!" Jan shook her head at the realization.

"Wow… some friend you are!" Crystal said, teasingly.

"Hey! In my defense, I was watching my husband who was getting drunk from a bunch of alcoholic drinks women were giving him! I had to protect his virtue!" She looked at Hank and smiled teasingly.

"Oh, well. I gotta go. Sounds like my baby girl found her daddy’s car keys and just set off the car alarm." She said, laughing. "See ya later! Take care of your baby and husband!" The phone went silent and Jan looked at Hank.

Hank listened to the conversation when Jan put the phone on speakers, and frowned a bit.  He had no idea who Angel was, and didn’t know if he actually should, but he sort of guessed that Stuy asked her to marry him.  He had always found those gossips hard to follow, and thought that perhaps he should start paying a little more attention to Jan’s friends and acquaintances.  

He was taking out two mugs from the cupboard when he heard Jan ‘defending’ herself from Crystal’s teasing.  He couldn’t hold back a chuckle.  ”I wasn’t drunk!”, he blurted out loud enough for Crystal to hear him over the phone, before adding a ‘okay, yes I was…’ too low for anyone to hear.

He went back to the living room as the coffee finished brewing when he heard Jan bid her goodbyes to Crystal, and smiled tenderly at her.  ”So, another wedding on the way?”

An Interesting Development


"Okay~!" She yelled through the door. She used the toilet quickly, noting that the bleeding was almost non-existent. She stepped into the shower, it was a quicker shower than she normally did. The longest part was washing her hair. She really should get it cut soon… but she wondered if Hank would like that? Did he like her with long hair or short hair? She’d have to ask him. She shut off the shower and quickly dried off. She wrapped her hair up in a towel and headed back to the bedroom.

She pulled on a pair of underwear and stole another of Hank’s shirts. She padded into the living room and looked around. She decided to wait until Hank came back to start on supper. She pulled her phone out of her purse and turned it on, curious as to whether or not Crystal had needed anything from her. She saw a couple of missed calls from her and figured it must have been important for her to call her more than once.

She dialed Crystal’s number. “So… what’s so important you need to tell me?” She asked. 

"Well, there are decisions to make that I didn’t feel comfortable making without you…" Crystal started.

"Alright… tell me what’s going on." She said, laying on the couch and looking up at the ceiling as she and Crystal talked business.

Hank stayed on the porch to literally wring out his shirt before going inside the house.  He kicked off his shoes in the entrance and tried not to drip too much on the floor as he went to the kitchen.  

He heard Jan talking back in the living room, and after he grabbed a bottle of water and dried his face and hair with a towel, he went back to check on her.  

He smiled as he realized she was talking on the phone, and bent over her to kiss her forehead, trying not to drip over her.  He muttered a silent ‘Hi’ and motioned for the stairs to signal her he was going to change.  He sort of guessed from the conversation that she was probably talking business with Crystal and didn’t want to disturb her.  

He quickly went upstairs to put on dry clothes and came back directly to the kitchen to start a fresh pot of coffee, waiting for Jan to finish her call before starting on breakfast, which could only be called a brunch now, considering the time it was. 

An Interesting Development


Jan smiled up at him. “Go. I’ll  be fine… but I think I’ll take your suggestion about the shower while you jog…” She said, thoughtfully. It would distract her from missing him. With how she’d been lately, she wouldn’t be surprised if she started crying after he left.

"Okay. I’ll head over to the shower then." She leaned up and kissed him lightly before making her way over to the shower.

Hank hesitated a bit more before nodding.  ”Alright, if you say so.”  He followed her, heading for the bedroom while she went to the bathroom to take a shower, and rapidly got dressed.

With his shoes still in his hand, he knocked lightly at the half-open door.  ”Hey…  I’m off.  I’ll be back before you know it.”  He went back downstairs before having second thoughts about all this.  Really, he couldn’t just stay by her side all the time.  She’d end up resenting him for it, and besides his presence didn’t mean she wouldn’t feel sick or tired, or whatever.  Not to mention that if he was always behind her, asking her if she was alright or if she needed something, he might end up getting on her nerves.  

He tied his shoes, zipped his hoodie halfway up and got out on the road.  He started with a slow pace, and accelerated after five minutes.   He stayed on the road instead of taking the trail that led into the woods, since it was still too wet.  

It felt good to get out and running, even if he was having a harder time than usual.  He had neglected his training lately, and it showed.  He really needed to do this more often.  But it was having the desired effect: it managed to clear his mind of the worry for Jan, and that lingering fear of not being up to the task or not being good enough, leaving him only with a healthy dose of concern for Jan’s and Ollie’s health, and a growing confidence that he’ll make this work.

He checked his watch and realized that he’d been running away from the house for almost twenty minutes.  He turned around and headed back, since he had told Jan he would only be gone for half an hour.  He picked up the pace, his breathing heavier, and was about five minutes away from home when he felt the first drops of rain starting to fall. 

With a grunt, he kept his fast pace and sprinted home under the cold rain, reaching the front door completely soaked.